5 Things We Didn’t Learn About Breasts in 2013

While I understand the effort to gain more viewers by doing an episode on breast studies, I’m thoroughly disappointed in D News’s latest video. Numbers 5-4 are studies that didn’t need to be done. And the number 1 spot is taken by that thoroughly idiotic non-study about wearing bras leading to sagging breasts by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of Universite de Franche-Comte.

Rouillon’s research shouldn’t have been included because he hasn’t published ANY study, and we only have his opinion on his “preliminary findings”, which don’t include information on breast size, ages, and length of time each woman was followed. While he says he’s been doing the research for 15 years, at least one of his subjects has only been participating for two years. There is absolutely no data at this time showing that what he says is true, but it is clear that he’s willing to forgo scientific rigor in order to get recognition for work he hasn’t even completed yet.

There’s a great article about the sketchiness of Rouillon’s findings over at The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

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